CCR230PS3AGEVB: Constant Current Regulator Driver Evaluation Board for LED Lighting Solutions, 230 V

The CCR230PS3AGEVB is a linear LED driver reference design featuring ON Semiconductor Constant Current Regulators (CCRs). This evaluation board demonstrates the Three-Stage, Parallel-to-Series topology, outlined in the DN05047 design note. This evaluation board can also be adapted to emulate the Three-Stage, 120V Parallel-to-Series circuit detailed in the DN05051 design note.

The driver board uses discrete transistors and diodes to switch LED strings between parallel and series configurations to track the rectified bridge voltage. Resistors may be swapped out to change switching points when using LED string voltages other than those provided with the CCR230PS3GEVK LED Evaluation Kit. The evaluation board contains a female connector for off-board LEDs, which are typically implemented on a metal-clad board.
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Constant Current Regulator Driver Evaluation Board for LED Lighting Solutions, 230 V NSIC2020BT3GNSIC2030BT3G
Avnet (2017-02-16) : 2
Mouser (2017-02-16) : 2
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