KAI-2020-10-40-A-EVK: 40 MHz Evaluation Kit for KAI-2001 and KAI-2020 Image Sensors

The KAI-2020-10-40-A-EVK evaluation kit enables 40 MHz evaluation of the KAI-2001 and KAI-2020 image sensors, devices designed for a wide range of medical, scientific and machine vision applications. The evaluation kit captures images at 40 MHz with 10 bit resolution.

Operation of this evaluation kit requires use of a National Instruments frame grabber. Please refer to the User's Manual for additional operating details.
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Eval Board: Manual KAI-2020-10-40-A-EVK Timing Specification EVBUM2273/D - 278 KB  2 
Eval Board: Manual Imager Board User's Manual for KAI-2001 and KAI-2020 Image Sensors EVBUM2275/D - 130 KB  2 
Software Altera Timing Files for legacy CCD Evaluation Kits ALTERA_TIMING_FILES_FOR_LEGACY_CCD_EVALUATION_KITS.ZIP - 993 KB  14 
Software National Instruments Camera Files For Legacy CCD Evaluation Kits - 1 KB  13 
Eval Board: Schematic Timing Board Schematic for KAI-0340, KAI-2001, and KAI-2020 Evaluation Kits TIMING_BOARD_SCHEMATIC_FOR_KAI-0340_KAI-2001_AND_KAI-2020_EVALUATION_KITS.pdf - 4063 KB  1 
Eval Board: Schematic Imager Board Schematic For KAI-2001 and KAI-2020 Evaluation Kits IMAGER_BOARD_SCHEMATIC_FOR_KAI-2001_AND_KAI-2020_EVALUATION_KITS.pdf - 2345 KB  1 
Eval Board: Manual Timing Board User's Manual for KAI-0340, KAI-2001, and KAI-2020 Image Sensor Evaluation Kits EVBUM2357/D - 105 KB  2