NCL30051LEDGEVB: Constant Voltage Constant Current Isolated LED Driver

This is a fully isolated up to 60 W, 90-265 Vac off-line, power factor corrected, constant current LED driver using ON Semiconductor's new NCL30051 two-stage controller. This controller contains the control circuitry for both a critical conduction mode (CRM) boost power factor corrector (PFC), and a fixed frequency, series resonant half-bridge converter, and is housed in a 16 pin SOIC package. The driver is designed to support strings of LEDs that have a forward voltage ranging from 35-50 V and has a nominal driver current of 1000 mA although the current can be increased to 1500 mA with simple component changes on the board. This specific driver design is tailored to support LEDs such as the Cree XLAMP™ XP-G and XM-L, and OSRAM Golden DRAGON™ Plus that have maximum drive currents of at least 1000 mA. This board has supports a range of flexible dimming options including bi-level, PWM and analog dimming. Details of the demo board are described in evaluation board manual EVBUM2039/D.

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NCL30051LEDGEVB Active
Constant Voltage Constant Current Isolated LED Driver NCL30051DR2G
Avnet (2017-02-20) : 1
Mouser (2017-02-20) : 2
Digikey (2017-02-20) : 2
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Eval Board: Manual NCL30051LEDGEVB Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2039/D - 318.0 KB  1 
Eval Board: Gerber NCL30051LEDGEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) NCL30051LEDGEVB_GERBER.ZIP - 217 KB  6 
Eval Board: Schematic NCL30051LEDGEVB Schematic NCL30051LEDGEVB_SCHEMATIC.PDF - 114 KB  5 
Eval Board: Test Procedure NCL30051LEDGEVB Test Procedure NCL30051LEDGEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE.PDF - 236 KB  3 
Eval Board: BOM NCL30051LEDGEVB Bill of Materials ROHS Compliant NCL30051LEDGEVB_BOM_ROHS.PDF - 126 KB  7 
Video Power Factor Control LED Lighting Solutions with the NCL30051LEDGEVB Evaluation Board TND6084/D  1 

Power Factor Control LED Lighting Solutions with the NCL30051LEDGEVB Evaluation Board