NCV891330PD33GEVB: Automotive 3-A 2-MHz Low-Iq Dual-Mode Step-Down Regulator Evaluation Board

Evaluation board for the NCV891330 Dual Mode regulator intended for Automotive, battery-connected applications that must operate with up to a 45V input supply. Depending on the output load, it operates either as a PWM Buck Converter or as a Low Drop-Out Linear Regulator, and is suitable for systems with low noise and Low Quiescent Current requirements often encountered in automotive driver information systems. A reset pin (with fixed delay) simplifies interfacing with a microcontroller. The NCV891330 also provides several protection features expected in automotive power supply systems such as current limit, short circuit protection, and thermal shutdown. In addition, the high switching frequency produces low output voltage ripple even when using small inductor values and an all-ceramic output filter capacitor – forming a space-efficient switching regulator solution. This is the 3.3 volt version of the part.
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NCV891330PD33GEVB Active
Automotive 3-A 2-MHz Low-Iq Dual-Mode Step-Down Regulator Evaluation Board NCV891330PD33R2G
Avnet (2016-10-24) : 1
Mouser (2016-10-24) : 6
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Eval Board: BOM NCV891330PD33GEVB Bill of Materials ROHS Compliant NCV891330PD33GEVB_BOM_ROHS - 35 KB  0 
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Eval Board: Schematic NCV891330PD33GEVB Schematic NCV891330PD33GEVB_SCHEMATIC - 109 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure NCV891330PD33GEVB Test Procedure NCV891330PD33GEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE - 69 KB  1 
Video Automotive 3.3V 3-A 2-MHz Low-Iq Dual-Mode Step-Down Regulator Evaluation Board - NCV891330PD33GEVB TND6160/D