STK681-352GEVB: Current Control Forward/Reverse DC Motor Driver Evaluation Board


The STK681-352-E is a hybrid IC for use in current control forward/reverse DC driver with brush. It allows forward, reverse, and brake operations in accordance with the external input signal. The peak startup output current is 6.4A and the peak brake output current is 8A. Connecting an external current detection resistor allows over-current detection and peak current control in the PWM operation mode. And STK681-352-E has various protective functions built-in. They include function against over-current, overheating and short to ground and short to supply. Furthermore, it has regulator built-in, so 5V power supply are not necessary. And it obviate the need to design for the dead time in order to turn off the upper and lower drive devices when switching between the forward and reverse operation mode.

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STK681-352GEVB Active
Current Control Forward/Reverse DC Motor Driver Evaluation Board STK681-352-E
Avnet (2016-05-25) : 2
Mouser (2016-05-25) : 2
Digikey (2016-05-25) : 2
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