AMIS-39100: Octal High Side Driver with Protection

Datasheet: Octal High Side Driver with Protection
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Product Overview
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The AMIS-39100 is a general purpose IC with eight integrated high side (HS) output drivers. The device is designed to control the power of virtually any type of load in a 12 V automotive environment, such as transistor gates, relays, LEDs etc.
Each of the output drivers of the AMIS-39100 is able to drive up to 275 mA continuously when connected to an inductive load of 300 mH. Even higher driver output currents can be obtained as long as the total current of the device is limited. The integrated charge pump of the AMIS-39100, which uses only one low cost external capacitor, avoids thermal runaways even if the battery voltage is low. The HS drivers withstand short to ground (even when AMIS-39100 has lost its ground connection), short to the battery and has overcurrent limitation. In case of a potential hazardous situation, the drivers are switched off and the diagnostic state of the HS drivers can be read out via serial peripheral interface (SPI). In case of a short to ground, the output driver is deactivated after a de-bounce time.
The AMIS-39100 can be connected to a 3.3 V or 5.0 V microcontroller by means of a SPI interface. This SPI interface is used to control each of the output drivers individually (on or off) and to read the status of each individual output driver (read-back of possible error conditions). This allows the detection of error situations for each driver individually. Furthermore, the SPI interface can be used to read-back the status of the built-in thermal shutdown protection. The AMIS-39100 has a low power mode and excellent handling and system ESD characteristics.
  • Eight high-side drivers
  • Up to 830mA continuous current per driver pair (resistive load)
  • Charge pump with one external capacitor
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Diagnostic features
  • Power-down mode
  • Internal thermal shutdown
  • 3.3V and 5V microcontroller compliant
  • Excellent system ESD
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  • Dashboard control box
  • Central control box
  • Actuator control relay
  • Solenoid driver
  • Automobiles
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AMIS-3910XGEVB Active
Octal High Side Driver with Protection Evaluation Board
Avnet (2017-01-18) : 2
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AEC Qualified
PPAP Capable
Halide free
Octal High Side Driver with Protection SOIC-28W 751AR 2 Tape and Reel 1500  
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Octal High Side Driver with Protection Evaluation Board - AMIS−3910XGEVB