High Efficiency Reference Designs

Reference designs enable more efficient systems by establishing the feasibility of meeting emerging energy efficiency standards with existing technology, and by setting performance benchmarks.

White Goods Non-Isolated Buck Converter 2 W NCP1060
Smartphone/Tablet Smartphone/Tablet Adapter 12 W NCP1360
Smartphone/Tablet Smartphone/Tablet; Low No-Load Efficient Adapter 12 W NCP1365
Lighting Isolated LED Driver for Non-dimmable, Retrofit Bulbs 10 W, 18 W NCL30088
Lighting Power Factor Correction Spotlight/ Downlight LED Driver 25 W NCL30030
Lighting Spotlight/ Downlight LED Driver 25 W NCL30060
Consumer LED TV SMPS - NCL30082 PSR for LED Backlighting 55 W NCL30082
Computing Notebook Adapter 45 W NCP1250
Computing High Efficiency Notebook Adapter 90 W NCP1937
Computing Power Supply, All-In-One Computer 240 W NCP1399