Development Tools

Whether you need an implementation-ready solution or an open-platform on which to develop your own innovative algorithms, ON Semiconductor’s development tools can help you bring a hearing aid based on the industry-leading Ezairo ® platform to market as quickly as possible.

Developing Ezairo ® -Based Hearing Aids

Pick a Platform Add Your Algorithms
Open-Programmable Evaluation & Development Kit (EDK)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Communication Tool Kit (CTK)
Ezairo 7100 Evaluation and Development Board
I2C Serial Interface
Select from one of our ultra
miniature DSP-based Hybrids
Ezairo Preconfigured Suite

Hybrid-specific firmware bundles
Ezairo Sound Designer Software to configure firmware bundles
Cross-platform SDK for developing fitting software

For access to our hearing health development tools, contact your local sales representative or authorized distributor.

Open-Programmable Development Tools

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Designed for manufacturers wishing to develop Ezairo-based hearing aids using their own or 3rd party algorithms, the Ezairo 7100 Evaluation & Development Kit (EDK) includes:
  • Integrated Development Environment(IDE)
    • A fully integrated software development environment that enables developers to code, compile, debug, and validate hearing aid algorithms

  • Communication Tool Kit (CTE)
    • An easy-to-use software component library that facilitates communication with the DSP system for development, fitting system, manufacturing, and testing environments

  • Ezairo 7100 Evaluation & Development Board

  • I2C Communication Interface

  • Access to Documentation, Tools and Video Training

Ezairo Preconfigured Suite

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The Ezairo Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite) is a complete development toolkit enabling turnkey, ultra-low-power hearing aid solutions based on the Ezairo 7100 Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

Firmware Bundles

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ON Semiconductor provides specially-tailored firmware bundles for Ezairo hybrid modules, including the framework and advanced audio algorithms developed by our in-house engineers

Ezairo 7150 SL Firmware Bundle
The wireless-enabled Ezairo 7150 SL is the first hybrid to be supported by the Ezairo Preconfigured Suite

Offering up to 8 channels of Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) and a collection of adaptive hearing aid algorithms, the firmware bundle is ideal for developing mid-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled hearing aids and Over-the-Counter devices

Ezairo 7150 SL Firmware Bundle Product Brief

Ezairo 7150 SL Firmware Bundle Key Features

  • Wireless-enabled
    • Stereo Audio Streaming
    • Control over BLE
    • Wireless fitting
  • Up to 8 channels of WDRC
  • 16 kHz sampling rate (8 kHz audio bandwidth)
  • New Adaptive Noise Reduction and Environmental Classifier Algorithms
  • Support for directional microphones

Ezairo 7111 Firmware Bundle
Ideal for In-the-Canal (ITC) or Non-Wireless Hearing Aids

Ezairo 7111 Firmware Bundle Key Features

  • Up to 8 channels of WDRC
  • 16 kHz sampling rate (8 kHz audio bandwidth)
  • New Adaptive Feedback Cancellation algorithm
  • Support for directional microphones

Ezairo® Sound Designer Software

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The Ezairo Sound Designer software is a complete end-to-end interface for developing next-generation hearing aids based on the Ezairo 7100 series hardware platform.

The software provides plug-ins to model transducers, construct product libraries, tune hearing aid parameters, and calibrate hearing aids.

  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • Live diagnostics and real-time acoustic monitoring
  • Can be used to design products with or without a connected device

To learn more about Ezairo Sound Designer’s Software capabilities, check out this product brief.

Ezairo® Sound Designer Software Application

Measure the frequency response of your hearing aid's microphones and receivers to allow accurate modeling of real-world performance.

Map Editor
Customize firmware bundles by filtering exposed algorithm parameters, setting default values, and restricting ranges.

Library Manager
Combine your transducer models with mappings created with the Map Editor to define one or more products packaged in a single Product library.

Control Panel
Aided by the modeled response of the system, fine-tune all module and algorithm parameters within each hearing aid memory/profile to meet specific acoustic use cases.

Calibrate the device's transducers and configure the hearing aid with your specified set of parameters, voice alerts, and scratch memory.

Ezairo Sound Designer SDK

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The Ezairo Sound Designer SDK offers a cross-platform, high level API for manufacturers to quickly and easily create fitting software and Bluetooth low energy technology-enabled mobile applications.

Key Benefits
  • Cross-platform supporting Android®, iOS® and Windows®
  • Enables wireless hearing device fitting using Bluetooth® low energy technology
  • In-the-field firmware upgradeable to allow access to new features as products evolve