ARRAYJ-BOB3-64P-GEVK: J-Array 3mm 8x8 BOB

The ArrayJ-BOB3-64P is an evaluation board allowing easy access to the signals from either a SensL ArrayJ-300XX-64P (3 mm pixel 8 x 8 SiPM array) or a SensL ArrayJ-40035-64P (4mm pixel, 8 x 8 SiPM array).
The Breakout Board has two Hirose 80-way connectors, type DF17(3.0)-80DS-0.5v(57). These connectors mate with the Hirose DF17(3.0)-80DP-0.5v(57) board-to-board connector on the array.
All signals on the array are routed via the mating connectors to header pins. These pins are formed by four 32-way (16 x 2 row) 2.54 mm pitch headers. Four additional header pin-pairs are provided for connection to the Common.
Three SMA connectors and Balun transformers are provided with 4-pin headers to allow any signal to be connected directly to the SMA or via the transformer using jumper wires. Four 7 mm holes are placed on a 25 mm grid to allow mounting of the board on an optical breadboard.
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J-Array 3mm 8x8 BOB ARRAYJ-30020-64P-PCB ARRAYJ-30035-64P-PCB

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