12 W Down Light ACLED Driver at High-Line


The FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB is a direct AC line LED driver with a minimal number of external RC passive components. In normal configuration, one resistor is to adjust LED power, and one capacitor is to provide a stable voltage to an internal biasing shunt regulator.

The FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB provides phase-cut dimming with wide dimming range, smooth dimming control and good dimmer compatibility. It achieves the high efficiency with high PF and low THD which makes the FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB suitable for high-efficiency LED lighting systems. The FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB has dedicated DIM pin which can be used with analog or digital PWM dimming. The FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB can also be used with a rheostat dimmer switch which is suitable for desktop or indoor lamps.

High wattage design of the FEBFL77944-L80H012A-GEVB can be implemented with multiple IC embedded in parallel for street lighting and down lighting applications.

  • Power Scalability with Multiple Driver ICs
  • Flexible LED Forward Voltage Configuration
  • SOP16 EP Package
  • Low Harmonic Content (THD under 20% in normal configuration)
  • Adjustable LED Power with an External Current Sense Resistor
  • Analog/digital PWM Dimming Function
  • High Power Factor (above 0.98 in normal configuration)
  • Rheostat Dimmable
  • TRIAC Dimmable (Leading/Trailing Edge)
  • Four Integrated High-Voltage LED Constant Current Sinks of up to 150 mA (RMS) Capability
  • The simplest Direct AC LED Driver with Only Two External RC Passive Component
  • Wide AC Input Range : 90~305 VAC
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

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12 W Down Light ACLED Driver at High-Line




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