LV8968BBGEVB: Evaluation board for LV8968B

The LV8968BB evaluation board (EVB) provides a comprehensive platform to evaluate the LV8968BB functionalities for industrial and automotive applications. Maximum recommended power level is 250 W. Various optional periphery is included to support motor control implementations from simple sensor−less BEMF commutation, to complex field oriented algorithms. A microcontroller is NOT provided with this kit to allow customers to utilize their favorite solutions. The kit can be used as a shield to an Arduino DUE board.
製品 状態 Compliance 簡単な説明 使用パーツ アクション
LV8968BBGEVB Active
Evaluation board for LV8968B LV8968BBUWR2G
タイプ ドキュメント・タイトル ドキュメント ID/サイズ 修正
Eval Board: Manual LV8968BB Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2574/D - 3201 KB  2 
Eval Board: BOM LV8968BBGEVB_BOM_ROHS.rev0 LV8968BBGEVB_BOM_ROHS - 129 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic LV8968BBGEVB Schematic LV8968BBGEVB_SCHEMATIC - 184 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber LV8968BBGEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) LV8968GEVB_GERBER - 679 KB  0 

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