NB6L295MNGEVB:  Dual Channel Programmable Delay Evaluation Board

The NB6L295 Evaluation Board was designed to provide a flexible and convenient platform to quickly evaluate, characterize and verify the operation and performance of the NB6L295MNG (LVPECL) and NB6L295MMNG (CML) Dual Channel Programmable Delay.

The NB6L295M Evaluation Board was also designed to accommodate a custom QFN-24 socket. Therefore, some external components were installed on the bottom side of the board.

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NB6L295MNGEVB Consult Sales Office
Dual Channel Programmable Delay Evaluation Board NB6L295MNG
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Eval Board: Manual NB6L295MNG / NB6L295MMNG Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2082/D - 564.0 KB  3 

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