NCN5110ASGEVB: NCN5110 KNX Arduino Shield

Quick-start your next KNX project with the new family of Arduino shield compatible evaluation boards from ON Semiconductor (NCN51xxASGEVB). The Arduino Uno V3 connectors ensure compatibility with a wide variety of development boards, enabling rapid prototyping with your microcontroller of choice. All external components necessary for operating the transceivers are included on the shield.

The ON Semiconductor NCN51xx series of KNX transceivers handle the low-level communication necessary to comply with the KNX standard. The high level of integration, like the multiple DCDC convertors and LDO, allows for an industry-leading small design footprint.

Download the demo software here
製品 状態 Compliance 簡単な説明 使用パーツ
NCN5110ASGEVB Active
NCN5110 KNX Arduino Shield NCN5110MNTWG
タイプ ドキュメント・タイトル ドキュメント ID/サイズ 修正
Eval Board: Manual NCN5100 Arduino™ Shield Evaluation Board User's Manual EVBUM2715/D - 4672 KB  2 
Eval Board: Schematic NCN5110ASGEVB Schematic NCN5110ASGEVB_SCHEMATIC - 442 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber NCN5110ASGEVB Gerber Layout File (Zip Format) NCN5110ASGEVB_GERBER - 1050 KB  1 

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