NCP3065SOBCKGEVB:  Buck Demonstration Evaluation Board

The NCP3065 is a monolithic switching regulator designed to deliver constant current for powering high brightness LEDs (HBLED). The device has a very low feedback voltage of 235 mV (nominal) which is used to regulate the average current of the LED string. In addition, the NCP3065 has a wide input voltage up to 40 V to allow it to operate from 12 Vac or 12 Vdc supplies commonly used for lighting applications as well as unregulated supplies such as Lead Acid batteries.
The device can be configured in a controller topology with the addition of an external transistor to support higher LED currents beyond the 1.5 A rated switch current of the internal transistor. The NCP3065 switching regulator can be configured in Step-Down (Buck) and Step-Up (boost) topologies with a minimum number of external components.
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Buck Demonstration Evaluation Board NCP3065DR2G
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Video Automotive Solutions with the NCP3065SOBCKGEVB Evaluation Board TND6077/D  1 

Automotive Solutions with the NCP3065SOBCKGEVB Evaluation Board
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