NCP508MT18TBGEVB:  1.8 V WDFN Evaluation Board

The NCP508 is a 50mA low noise voltage regulator, designed to exhibit fast turn on time and high ripple rejection. Each device contains a voltage reference unit, an erro amplifier, a PMOS power transistor, resistors for setting output voltage, current limit, and temperature limit protection circuits. The NCP508 has been designed for use with ceramic capacitors. The device is housed in SC-88A and WDFN6 1.5x1.5 packages. Standard voltage versions are 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.3. Other voltages are available in 100mV steps.


  • RF Subsystems in Handsets
  • Noise sensitive circuits; VCOs, PLL
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1.8 V WDFN Evaluation Board NCP508MT18TBG
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Eval Board: BOM NCP508MT18TBGEVB Bill of Materials ROHS Compliant NCP508MT18TBGEVB_BOM_ROHS.PDF - 187 KB  1 
Eval Board: Gerber NCP508MT18TBGEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) NCP508MT18TBGEVB_GERBERS.ZIP - 21.0 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic NCP508MT18TBGEVB Schematic NCP508MT18TBGEVB_SCHEMATIC.PDF - 142.0 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure NCP508MT18TBGEVB Test Procedure NCP508MT18TBGEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE.PDF - 1143.0 KB  0 

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