NCV7750GEVB: The NCV7750GEVB is a quad low−side relay driver for automotive applications

The NCV7750 is a quad low−side relay driver for automotive applications, targeted for use in a Body Control Unit (BCU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU). Communication to the NCV7750 is accomplished through a SPI bus using the SPI defined communication pins SI, SO, SCLK and CSB. This evaluation board is set up to demonstrate the output drivers, the protective features of the device, and the various modes of operation that the device is capable of. The NCV7750 has four independently controlled channels. Each of these channels has Overcurrent Detection, Overtemperature Detection, and Open Load Detection. These conditions are reported back to the user through data received during SPI communication. Each of these four channels uses an NEC EX2 automotive relay as a load that switches an LED load on the output of the relay. Each relay has an accompanying button to generate an Overcurrent condition, and a jumper to generate an Open Load condition. Output control is realized by DIP switches that may be set by the user. There is a pushbutton to transmit the configuration set by the DIP switches over SPI. There is also a switch to allow for continuous transmission over SPI, without the user needing to manually press the transmit button. The state of the NCV7750 along with inputs and outputs are displayed on the LCD. Silkscreened reference tables are present on the board to give the user further information about what is displayed on the LCD. A demo mode may be accessed by pressing the transmit button while continuous transmission is enabled.
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The NCV7750GEVB is a quad low−side relay driver for automotive applications NCV7750DPR2G
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Eval Board: Manual NCV7750 Eval Board User's Manual EVBUM2507/D - 1700 KB  0 
Eval Board: BOM NCV7750GEVB Bill of Materials (ROHS Compliant) NCV7750_BOM_ROHS.pdf - 141 KB  1 
Eval Board: Schematic NCV7750GEVB Schematic NCV7750GEVB_SCHEMATIC.pdf - 28 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure NCV7750GEVB Test Procedure NCV7750_TEST_PROCEDURE - 1125 KB  0 

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