SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK: 1kW 600V Industrial Motor Development Kit (MDK) with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM) board and Universal Controller Board (UCB)

The SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK is a complete reference design for three-phase motor drives, featuring the NFAQ1060L36T intelligent power module in a DIPS6 package, and part of the Motor Development Kit (MDK). Rated for 230 Vac input and delivering up to 850W. All the necessary system blocks for a motor drive are part of the solution: EMC filtering and rectification stage, interleaved two-channel PFC, auxiliary power supplies, three-phase inverter and measurement and protection. The graphical user interface ensures an easy startup for evaluation purposes running voltage/frequency control. As part of the MDK the Compact IPM power module motor drive is compatible with the powerful Universal Controller Board (UCB) enabling high-end control strategies and AI capabilities for industrial motor control. The SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK comprises of the SECO-1KW-MCTRL-GEVB, the hardware adaptor to the UCB and the Universal Controller Board (UCB).


  • Motor Development Kit (MDK)
  • Downloadable V/f and FOC control use cases for the UCB
  • 850W Intelligent Power Module (IPM) three-phase motor driver
  • VIN: 230 Vac,rms ± 15% (single-phase)
  • IOUT: Irms 10 ARMS per phase
  • Compatible with three-phase motors: PMSM, BLDC or ACIM
  • DIP/6 IPM NFAQ1060L36T, three-phase/10A with integrated gate drivers
  • Cross-conduction, overcurrent and thermal protection embedded in DIPS6 module
  • Plug-in connector interface for MCU cards (Arduino DUE footprint)
  • Voltage/frequency control strategy implemented
  • NCS2250SN2T3G: Push Pull Output Comparator implemented in ITRIP protection system
  • Use case pre-loaded and GUI available for a quick-start evaluation
  • Xilinx® development tools and environments are available for the MDK, such as Vitis and Vivado to program the FPGA


  • White Goods (Washing Machines)
  • Industrial Fans
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Motor Control
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1kW 600V Industrial Motor Development Kit (MDK) with Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM) board and Universal Controller Board (UCB) CAT24C512C8UTR GBU6K
NCP1063AP060G NCP1632DR2G
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Video Unpacking the onsemi Motor Development Kit WVD17712/D   
Eval Board: Manual Compact Intelligent Power Module (IPM) Motor Control Development Kit (MDK) 1 kW EVBUM2775/D - 2752 KB  2 
Eval Board: BOM SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Bill of Materials (ROHS Compliant) SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK_BOM_ROHS - 165 KB  0 
Eval Board: Schematic SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Schematic SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK_SCHEMATIC - 1624 KB  0 
Eval Board: Test Procedure SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Test Procedure SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK_TEST_PROCEDURE - 955 KB  0 
Eval Board: Gerber SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format) SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK_GERBER - 699 KB  0 
Software SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Universal Controller Board Firmware SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK_UCB_FIRMWARE - 355 KB  0 
Software Strata FW update for SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK Strata_FW_Update_SECO-1KW-MDK-GEVK - 4343 KB  0 

Unpacking the onsemi Motor Development Kit
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