STR-NCS32100-GEVK: Evaluation Kit for NCS32100XMNTXG

The STR−NCS32100−GEVK evaluation board provides hardware and a PCB rotary sensor for full demonstration of the NCS32100. The NCS32100 is connected to a fully functional PCB rotary sensor capable of sensing positions with an accuracy of <±50 arcsec. The board can be connected to a computer running the onsemi Strata Application, which provides a user interface for accessing position and velocity data, as well as a number of other auxiliary features. The NCS32100 evaluation board houses a full rotary sensor application with a master controller for accessing position and velocity data. Data is displayed through the onsemi Strata application (available for download from The evaluation board is programmed, calibrated, and ready for demonstration.


  • Interfaces with up to 8 inductive coils
  • Supports Low Power Battery Mode
  • Delivers Rotary position and velocity over a 2.5 MHz RS485 Bus
  • Connection between external master and NCS32100 is implemented with a 2.5 MHz RS485 interface.
  • Backup battery voltage to the NCS32100 can be adjusted with R350 (potentiometer) from 1 V to 5 V. Clockwise turn lowers VBAT voltage.
  • Sensor portion of board houses a PCB inductive sensor that uses a rotor and a stator. The rotor is mounted above the stator with a fixture designed to mount to standard motors. The rotor can be turned by hand in the absence of a mounted motor.
  • Evaluation board houses a master MCU that is programmed to communicate with the NCS32100 over the RS485 interface. The STM 32 MCU also communicates data to an external computer via a virtual Serial COM port. Application is plug and play with the onsemi Strata App.
  • Evaluation board has been configured and calibrated to work with the attached 40mm PCB rotary sensor.
  • NCS32100 IC and PCB sensor portion of the board can be snapped off for application evaluation. The master portion of the board can be replaced with a different system master. Interface protocol details are defined in the NCS32100 Reference Design Manual


  • Easy to use integrated solution
    - Sensor front end
    - DSP
    - MCU
    - Firmware
    - Easy to use integrated solution
  • Fewer components
    - Easier to manufacture
    - Fewer points of failure
    - Fewer supply chain risks
    - Fewer components


  • Rotary Position Encoding
  • Robotics Applications
  • Precision Instrumentation
  • Packaging
  • Food and beverage
  • Printing
  • Textiles
  • Mobile vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Material Handling
  • Lift Industry
  • Motor Feedback
  • Conveying
  • Automation
  • Industrial Factory Automation
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STR-NCS32100-GEVK Active
Evaluation Kit for NCS32100XMNTXG 2N7002L NCP164AMTADJTAG

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