SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK: Full SiC 25kW DC EV charger platform

SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK is a reference design kit for 25kW fast DC EV charger based on SiC power integrated module. This full SiC solution consists of PFC and DC-DC stages featuring multiple 1200V, 10 mohm half-bridge SiC modules NXH010P120MNF1, the ultralow RDS(ON) and minimized parasitic inductance can significantly reduce conduction loss and switching loss. Relying on the powerful Universal Controller Board (UCB) with Zynq®-7000 SoC FPGA and ARM®-based processor the system can deliver maximum 25kW over 200V-1000V output voltage with 96% all-time efficiency to charge 400V or 800V EV batteries.

SEC-25KW-SIC-PIM-GEVK also highlights the galvanic-isolated high-current driver NCD57000, auxiliary power solution SECO-HVDCDC1362-40W-GEVB to power stable voltage rails to low-voltage components, integrated protections like inrush control, over voltage protection and multiple interfaces for communication.

Read the whole reference design series below Developing A 25-kW SiC-Based Fast DC Charger Part 1- 8 to learn detailed considerations and challenges onsemi has met during the design process.



  • Vin=400Vac (EU)/480Vac (US), Vout=200Vdc-1000Vdc
  • Max output power=25kW, efficiency>96%
  • Three-Phase PFC and DAB enables bidirectional power conversion for 400V/800V battery
  • Multiple protecting functions and communication interfaces
  • Following EN55011 Class A & IEC 61851
  • Compatible with the Universal Controller Board (UCB) FPGA/ARM
  • NXH010P120MNF1 - SiC Module, half bridge, 1200V, 10 mohm SiC M1 MOSFET
  • NCD57000 - Isolated high current and high efficiency gate driver


  • High-efficiency EV charger
  • Three-Phase AC-DC conversion
製品 状態 Compliance 簡単な説明 使用パーツ
Full SiC 25kW DC EV charger platform NCD57000DWR2G NCD98011XMXTAG
NCID9211 NCS20034DR2G

Three-Phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) / Active Front End (AFE) Topologies Plays a Critical Role in Rapidly Expanding Energy Infrastructure
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