NCS2563DGEVB:  3-Channel High Speed Video Amplifier Evaluation Board

The NCS2563 is a 3-channel high speed video amplifier with 6th order Butterworth High Definition (HD) reconstruction filters and 6 dB gain. All three channels can accommodate all Component and RGB video signals. All channels can accept DC- or AC-coupled signals. If AC-coupled, the internal clamps are employed. The outputs can drive both AC- and DC-coupled 150 Ohm loads. It is designed to be compatible with most Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) embedded in most video processors.


  • Three 6th Order High Definition 30 MHz Filter
  • Internal Fixed Gain = 6 dB
  • Transparent input clamp on each channel
  • DC- or AC-Coupled Inputs/Outputs
  • Integrated Level Shifters
  • Operating voltage +5V
  • Available in SOIC-8 package
  • ESD HBM protection 8kV


  • Set Top Boxes
  • DVD players
  • FPTV
製品 状態 Compliance 簡単な説明 使用パーツ アクション
NCS2563DGEVB Active
3-Channel High Speed Video Amplifier Evaluation Board NCS2563DR2G

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