Isolated Error Amplifier Optocouplers

The family of Isolated Error Amplifier Optocouplers from ON Semiconductor offers an optocoupler, precision reference, and error amplifier in a single compact 8-pin small outline package. As such, power supply designers can reduce the component count and save space in tightly packaged designs. The Optically Isolated Amplifiers include the popular AZ431L or KA431 precision programmable shunt references and an optocoupler. The gallium arsenide (GaAs) light emitting diode optocoupler is optically coupled to a silicon phototransistor. The devices' reference voltage tolerance is 2%, 1%, or 0.5% with the current transfer ratio (CTR) ranging from 100% to 200%. Other ideal performance characteristics and features of these devices include 2.5 V reference, 5,000 V or 2,500 V RMS isolation, and a low-temperature coefficient of 50 ppm/°C max. The devices achieve the following safety and regulatory approvals: UL approval E90700, BSI approval 8661, 8662, VDE approval 136616, and CSA approval 1113643. The tight tolerance reference eliminates the need for adjustments in many applications. Applications for the isolated error amplifier optocouplers include AC-DC Merchant Power Supplies, Consumer Appliances, and Industrial Motors. They are primarily intended for error amplifier/reference voltage/optocoupler functions in isolated AC to DC power supplies and dc/dc converters.
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