FEBFL77944-L80H012B-GEVB: 12 W Down Light ACLED Driver at High-Line

The FEBFL77944-L80H012B-GEVB Evaluation Board is a direct AC line LED driver with a minimal number of external RC passive components. In normal configuration, one resistor is to adjust LED power, and one capacitor is to provide a stable voltage to an internal biasing shunt regulator.

The FEBFL77944-L80H012B-GEVB provides phase-cut dimming with wide dimming range, smooth dimming control and good dimmer compatibility. It achieves the high efficiency with high PF and low THD which makes the FL77944 suitable for high-efficiency LED lighting systems. The FL77944 has dedicated DIM pin which can be used with analog or digital PWM dimming. The FL77944 can also be used with a rheostat dimmer switch which is suitable for desktop or indoor lamps.

High wattage design of the FL77904 can be implemented with multiple IC embedded in parallel for street lighting and down lighting applications.


  • The simplest Direct AC LED Driver with Only Two External RC Passive Component
  • SOP16 EP Package
  • Four Integrated High-Voltage LED Constant Current Sinks of up to 150 mA (RMS) Capability
  • Wide AC Input Range : 90~305 VAC
  • Low Harmonic Content (THD under 20% in normal configuration)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
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FEBFL77944-L80H012B-GEVB Consult Sales Office
12 W Down Light ACLED Driver at High-Line FL77944MX
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