デザイン・ノート のため  LEDライティング (すべてを表示)

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3 LED Low Voltage Parallel-to-Series Lighting Circuit DN05091/D (779kB) 2
3個の300 mA MR16 LED を駆動するドライバ DN06067JP/D (354kB) 1
CS51411, NCV51411: 12 Vまたは24 V DC入力の定電流LEDドライバ DN06018JP/D (193kB) 1
CS5171: SEPIC LED Driver DN06004/D (178.0kB) 0
Dimmable 120 Vac, 6.5 W Input Parallel-to-Series Lighting Circuit DN05084/D (513kB) 1
Dimmable 120 Vac, 9.5 W Input Parallel-to-Series Lighting Circuit DN05088/D (456kB) 1
HBL5006: LED Failure Detector and Backup LED Circuit for Critical Lighting Applications DN05066/D (212kB) 0
Low Cost Universal Input AC LED Circuit DN05087/D (554kB) 0
NCL30000: 100-277 Vac 25 W High Power Factor Flyback LED Driver DN05031/D (461.0kB) 0
NCL30000: 12 V/18 W高力率の定電圧LEDドライバ DN05050JP/D (503kB) 1
NCL30000: Enchancing the Dimming Curve for Leading and Trailing Edge Dimmers DN05010/D (100.0kB) 1
NCL30000: Implementing Synchronous Rectification DN05035/D (182.0kB) 0
NCL30001, NCS1002: Up to 28 V, 3.3 A Constant Current Offline High PF LED Driver DN06068/D (201.0kB) 0
NCL30001: 100 V, 450 mA Off-Line LED Driver with High PF DN05016/D (54.0kB) 0
NCL30001: 125 W High Power Factor Single Stage LED Driver DN05072/D (492kB) 0
NCL30001: Input Overvoltage Protection Circuit DN05060/D (539kB) 0
200-265 Vac 低リップル降圧LEDドライバ DN05042JP/D (322.5kB) 1
85~115 Vac 降圧LEDドライバ DN05041JP/D (413.0kB) 2
30 V、2 Aの高効率CVCC LEDドライバ DN05015JP/D (160.9kB) 2
NCL30051での出力短絡保護の強化 DN05040JP/D (755kB) 1
NCL30051: PWM LEDの調光機能の拡張 DN05034JP/D (215kB) 1
NCL30081/3: Step Dimming Guidelines for LED Drivers DN05065/D (82kB) 0
NCL30088: Buck-Boost Converter for 15 W LEDs with improved HV Startup and Low Output Ripple DN05075/D (653kB) 1
NCP/NCV1034: High Voltage Driver for HB-LED DN06047/D (1522.0kB) 0
NCP1013: Universal Input, 5 W, LED Ballast DN06027/D (192.0kB) 1
PFCを備えた汎用型オフラインLEDストリング・ドライバ DN06065JP/D (144.7kB) 2
NCP1014: 12 Watt Mini Boost Power Factor Corrector for LED applications DN06064/D (56.0kB) 1
NCP1014: Improving the Power Factor of Isolated Flyback Converters for Residential ENERGY STAR® LED Luminaire Power Supplies DN06051/D (75.0kB) 0
NCP1075, NCP4328: 小型90-135 Vac Hi‐PFブーストLEDドライバ DN05055JP/D (446kB) 1
NCP1075, NCP4328A: Compact 200-265 Vac HiPF Boost LED Driver DN05062/D (277kB) 0
NCP1294: High Voltage LED Driver (24 V input to 110 V output @ 100 mA) DN06062/D (459.0kB) 0
NCP1351: Universal Input, 20 W, LED Ballast DN06040/D (389.0kB) 2
NCP3020A: Buck-Boost Converter for 3 A LEDs DN05002/D (1478.0kB) 0
NCP3063: 9 V to 36 Vin dc, Constant Current LED Driver DN06001/D (117.0kB) 1
NCP3065: 12Vac or 12Vdc MR-16 Sharp ZENIGATA LED Module DN06048/D (237.0kB) 7
NCP3065: SEPIC LED Driver for MR16 DN06033/D (348.0kB) 0
オン/オフ制御、調光制御の可能な車載LEDドライバ DN05020JP/D (164.5kB) 1
NSI45090JD: ENERGY STAR® Compliant LED Driver Retrofit in T5 Tube Using 160 mA Constant Current Regulator DN05013/D (397.0kB) 0
NSI50350AD, LM2903: 1-10 V PWM Dimming for CCR Lighting Circuits DN05045/D (378.0kB) 0
NSIC2020JB, NSIC2030JB: 230 Vac, Low-Cost, Dimmable, Three-Stage, Linear LED Lamp Circuit DN05047/D (510kB) 3
NSIC2030B: 120 VAC、低コスト、調光可能、リニア、並列と直列の切り替え可能なLED駆動回路 DN05046JP/D (266kB) 5
NSIC2050JB, NSIC2030JB: 120 VAC、調光可能、リニア、3ステージ、並列と直列の切替え可能なLED照明回路 DN05051JP/D (386kB) 2
NSIC2050JB, NSIC2030JB: 120 VAC、低コスト、調光可能、リニア、並列と直列の切替えCCRを使用したLED照明回路 DN05052JP/D (448kB) 3
NSIC20x0JB: Direct-AC, Linear LED Driver Topology: CCR Straight Circuit (120 VAC & 230 VAC) DN05079/D (724kB) 0
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