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March 8-10, 2022

Virtual conference & Exhibition

Join the panel discussion with Pietro Scalia, Director Automotive Traction Solutions at onsemi
  • Topic: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for EVs
  • Time 4:25 PM CET | 10:25 AM EST
  • Scope: Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles are on the lookout for power-conversion solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Wide bandgap semiconductors provide superior performance compared to silicon. In this panel we will discuss the main challenges and which benefits GaN/SiC can offer to the automotive industry.

Event overview:

In the last year, the evolution towards electric vehicles accelerated faster than anticipated. Autonomous driving technology has already been pushed from a short-term priority to a long-term goal, but the race to be first with AVs remains fierce. Meanwhile, there seems to be a shift in priorities from driver-assist technologies toward driver monitoring systems. The Advanced Automotive Tech Forum will offer keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations and tutorials on the latest automotive design trends, including the multi-prong effort to develop power efficient, advanced EVs with automated features.