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The presence of the Bucharest Design Center provides a great example of a US company achieving successful expansion in Romania, and in doing so providing excellent career opportunities for local employees. Currently open positions: Test Engineer, Design Engineer, Layout Engineer, Application Engineer, Project Engineer and Product Engineer.


onsemi history in Romania started in 2003 and has steadily grown since then to a point where the team now comprises over 100 highly skilled professionals housed in the new 3000 m2 premises including high-tech laboratories and offices.

The facility supports the end-to-end design and development of a wide-range of innovative industry-leading semiconductor solutions for fast moving ‘megatrend’ end markets such as electric & autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things.

Among the most important products are:

  • EEPROM memories, temperature sensors, nonvolatile digital potentiometers, Switches and Multiplexers, logic circuits, operational amplifiers, and gate drivers.

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At onsemi, we’re always looking for champions ready to drive meaningful progress. We seek people who are smarter than us. That’s how we create a company of high-performance innovators that advance intelligent technology for a better future - for the planet, our communities and our people.

Letter From the CEO

This is an exciting time to be a part of our company as we embark on a transformational journey to revolutionize the semiconductor industry with a focus on driving intelligent power and sensing solutions to create a more sustainable ecosystem for future generations. We are looking to build a strong culture of innovators and forward, out-of-the-box thinkers interested in pushing the boundaries of expectation.

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onsemi has design, solution engineering (SEC), manufacturing, sales, and support locations in countries around the world. Learn more about our facilities and the cities our employees call home.

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Design & Solution Engineering

Located on the 4th floor of Sector 6 in The Light One Building in Bucharest, The Bucharest Design Center was founded in 2003 as Catalyst Semiconductor Romania SRL, a subsidiary of Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. of Santa Clara, California. Bucharest design center joined onsemi as part of the Catalyst acquisition in October 2008.

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