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onsemi is engaged in disruptive innovations and is a supplier of power and analog semiconductors. We offer vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure, with a focus on automotive and industrial markets. onsemi operates through the following segments: Power Solutions Group, Advanced Solutions Group, and Intelligent Sensing Group. Our company has approximately 33,000 employees around the world. The company was founded on July 4, 1999 and is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

Among the sites worldwide, various research and development (R&D) SiC/IGBT/Analog solution engineers are working together with around 1,800 field partners at the Bucheon site as of March 2022. Our Bucheon site was established as Korea's first semiconductor company in 1976 and became the symbol of Korea semiconductor history. Now it has evolved into a core base for next-generation semiconductors. The Bucheon site is in the process of making a large-scaled investment in building additional fabrications, in order to accelerate the manufacturing of next-generation semiconductor Silicon Carbide which onsemi has developed for years. With onsemi’s investment at Bucheon site, this will provide next generation SiC power semiconductors for the world’s best known auto makers. SiC semiconductor is designed to effectively resist high temperature and pressure. Accordingly, it’s suitable to apply for the automobile which should operate smoothly even under extreme environment. onsemi has been actively making an investment and developing SiC in order to break the stronghold of an unrivaled semiconductor company under SiC semiconductor technology and business. onsemi plans to extend its SiC production line by 2025.

Transform Your Future

At onsemi, we’re always looking for champions ready to drive meaningful progress. We seek people who are bigger and smarter than ourselves. That’s how we create a company of high-performance innovators that advance intelligent technology for a better future - for the planet, for our communities and for our people.

Letter From the CEO

This is an exciting time to be a part of our company as we embark on a transformational journey to revolutionize the semiconductor industry with a focus on driving intelligent power and sensing solutions to create a more sustainable ecosystem for future generations. We are looking to build a strong culture of innovators and forward, out-of-the-box thinkers interested in pushing the boundaries of expectation.

All Locations

onsemi has design, solution engineering (SEC), manufacturing, sales, and support locations in countries around the world. Learn more about our facilities and the cities our employees call home.

All Locations

Locations in South Korea

Design center

The CMOS image sensor development team and the memory/analog solutions for implantable medical devices development teams are working in the Yangjae office. Approximately 20 engineers are currently working in the office near Yangjae Station.

Design & Manufacturing

The Bucheon Site specializes in the manufacturing of SiC power semiconductors. In addition, various R&D engineers such as SiC/IGBT/Analog solutions are working on the Bucheon site for intelligent power solutions.

Solution Engineering Center

Bundang Solution Engineering Center (SEC) is responsible for sales and technical support for customers based on understanding of customers’ needs and prospects for future technological development. The main employees are Sales, FAE and CQE, and CSR/GSM.


Awards and Recognition

2018 Excellent Place to work in Korea

Purpose & Eligibility: To award companies that creates abundant job opportunities & offers workplace with high-standards, Ministry of Employment & Labor presents this award to be revered from others.

2018 Gyeonggi Good Work Place

Purpose & Eligibility: To recognize, award & certify companies within Gyeonggi Province that has family friendly policies instilled and to further foster culture of family friendly business.

2020 Excellent Gender Equality Award

Purpose & Eligibility: To recognize, award & certify companies with excellent gender equality and to further foster labor environment with gender equality.

2022 Best Labor-Management Culture Enterprise

Purpose & Eligibility: To recognize and award companies that fosters cooperative Labor-Management culture and to further strengthen national competitiveness by expanding cooperative Labor-Management culture throughout Korea.

2022 Excellent place to work in Korea

To award companies that creates abundant job opportunities & offers workplace with high-standards, Ministry of Employment & Labor presents this award to be revered from others.

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