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Jim Ryan

Systems Architect
Jim Ryan is a Systems Architect in the Medical and Wireless Products Division of ON Semiconductor. He has been developing full-featured, digital hearing-aid amplifiers for more than 15 years. His expertise includes digital signal processing (DSP), acoustics, and wireless systems. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering with a specialization in audio DSP.

Howling Hearing Aids: Improving User Control and Tuning Flexibility in Feedback Cancellation 

著者: Jim Ryan - 2015-03-25 09:18:40.0

Feedback in hearing aids, the loud and annoying howling sound that can be heard by bystanders, has always been one of the most bothersome issues faced by hearing aid wearers. Back when hearing aids were made with analog integrated circuits, and even in the early days of digital, feedback had to be managed by lowering the overall gain of the hearing aid (limiting fit rates) or by adjusting the frequency response of the device by inserting a notch filter at the feedback frequency to reduce the gain in that area. Unfortunately, this had the detrimental effect of also lowering the gain in those frequencies of the sounds the hearing aid wear wanted to hear.