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Sudhama Shastri

Product Marketing
Dr. Sudhama Shastri has spent 25 years in the semiconductor industry. He currently drives market strategy and product roadmaps for Protection Solutions in the Standard Products Group at ON Semiconductor. He previously led product design and technology development teams in CMD, ON Semiconductor and Motorola SPS. He received a BTech degree at the Indian Institute of Technology and MS and PhD degrees at the University of Texas, all in electronics engineering. In the past he has served on the technical committees for the Phoenix Section IEEE Workshop (2008-2011) and the NSTI Nanotechnology Conference (2003-2010), on the industrial advisory boards for ASU-Polytechnic and Northern Arizona University, and as a reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. Dr. Shastri now serves on the board for the non-profit Arizona Nanotechnology Cluster. He has over 50 papers and 20 issued patents.

With Great (LED) Power Comes Great Reliability 

著者: Sudhama Shastri - 2015-01-21 08:48:27.0

Picture a Marvel comic book from the glorious 1950s – an unsuspecting couple walks home from a night on the town past a shuttered shop window, as a gust of wind blows dust and litter.  A streetlight casts a dim light on the proceedings, wastefully throwing a portion of the light upwards into the darkness of space. The man holds on to his hat as the young lady leans against the wind and unconsciously tightens her grip on his arm. In the next panel the streetlight flickers and dies with a disturbing “Zzzt” sound, a victim of statistics and incandescent or sodium vapour technology. At this moment a prowler with a face mask runs by, grabs the woman’s purse and knocks the couple to the ground. In the third panel the thief runs away laughing an evil cackle as an infuriated superhero (without loss of generality let’s call him Arachnid-man) looks on from atop a tall building, grimly pursing his lips. The rest of the story is predictable: a swoosh, a thump and presently we see the woman gratefully accepting her purse from a caped A-man as a handcuffed and roughed-up robber is carted off in a police van.