Mastering the Art of Sound 

 著者: Amy Heimpel - 2015-07-01 10:46:19.0

Gone are the days of special-ordering a CD or vinyl record at the local music store, and anticipating its delivery for weeks afterwards. Now thanks to cloud-based services like Spotify or SoundClound, we are able to listen to our favorite songs anytime, anywhere.

But, for this convenience, have we sacrificed quality?

Starting in the recording studio, a standard music track faces a number of different challenges in maintaining sound quality. First, an audio engineer applies dynamic range compression to be better able to represent both the quiet and loud sounds in the track. At this level, poor engineering can result in overly-compressed audio, the root cause behind some of the most common complaints about the listening experience. This is why some songs are barely audible, yet the next nearly instantly destroys your eardrums from loudness.

In a recent interview with FastCompany, Larry Ryckman (CEO and cofounder of AfterMaster HD Audio Labs) provided more insight into this problem. He explained, “Digital audio, from the time of its inception, was never a refined technology…Digital Audio was first created from an algorithm that turned analog sounds from a speaker of headphone and converted it into a digital file. No one has ever stepped up to try to make digital audio sound better at its core.”

AfterMaster knows what good music is meant to sound like.

Louder, Clearer, Fuller, and Deeper

With studios based in Hollywood, California; AfterMaster has provided state-of-the –art recording and audio engineering services for some of the biggest names in music- from Madonna to Michael Jackson. AfterMaster has developed a complex algorithm that redefines the sound experience for today’s consumer. The revolutionary technology offers real-time audio enhancement, without compromising audio integrity or added distortion. The algorithm uses proprietary Adaptive Intuitive Response™ mechanisms to preserve the original intention of the audio, while dramatically heightening clarity, depth, fullness and amplitude.

Click here to listen to Before and After audio clips, showing the AfterMaster difference.


BelaSigna 300 AM

ON Semiconductor and AfterMaster HD Audio Labs have teamed up to release BelaSigna® 300 AM, a revolutionary digital signal processor which will bring studio-quality sound to audio-enabled devices without added distortion or loss of dynamic range. Available in ultra-miniature WLCSP packaging, even small electronics like earbud headphones can easily implement AfterMaster HD processing technology and produce a caliber of audio never before available to consumers. 


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