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350 mA Buck Boost LED Driver using Bipolar Junction Transistors AND8305/D (623.0kB) 1
>85% Efficient 12 to 5 VDC Buck Converter AND8291/D (127.0kB) 1
A 12 W Adaptor with NCP1362 Quasi Resonant Controller AND90025/D (1364kB) 1 May, 2020
A 3.3-V/20-A Active Clamp DC-DC Converter with NCP1565 AND9173/D (1773kB) 0 Jul, 2014
A General Approach for Optimizing Dynamic Response for Buck Convertors AND8143/D (186.0kB) 1
A High Voltage Input Supply 12 W Adaptor with NCP1362 Primary Side Regulated Quasi Resonant Controller AND9890/D (1188kB) 1 Mar, 2021
A Simplified Power Supply Design Using the TL494 Control Circuit AN983/D (68.0kB) 1
AN-4174 Board Assembly Guideline for Fairchild Smart Power Stage 5 mm x 5 mm AN-4174JP A
AN-6094 Design Guideline for Flyback Charger Using FAN302HL/UL AN-6094JP A
AN004032 AN-5068JP (122kB) A
Application Note for a 5.0 W to 6.5 W Power Over Ethernet (PoE) DC-DC Converter AND8247/D (151.0kB) 2
Assembly Guidelines for Fairchilds 6x6 DriverMOS Packaging AN-9048JP A
Assembly Guidelines for Fairchilds TinyBuck™ Packaging AN-9049JP A
Automotive Pre-Regulator Reference Design and Evaluation Board Overview AND90079/D (237kB) 0 Nov, 2020
Buck Boost LED Driver using NCP3063 Controller, FETs & Current Sensing AND8306/D (415.0kB) 0
CS51411 Layout Recommendations AND8269/D (1276.0kB) 0
Calculating External Components AND8332/D (844.0kB) 0
NCP108xを使用した回路設計とPCBレイアウトのガイドライン AND9133JP/D (173kB) 1 Mar, 2015
Component Calculations and Simulation Tools for FAN5234 or FAN5236 AN-6002JP A
DIP-Smart Power Module Test Board I AN-9029 (558kB) A
DIP-Smart Power Module Test Board II AN-9030 (500kB) A
DIP-Smart Power Module Test Board III AN-9031 (401kB) A
DIP-Smart Power Module Test Board IV AN-9032 (424kB) A
DIP-Smart Power Module Test Board V AN-9033 (425kB) A
Design Guideline for Primary Side Regulated (PSR) Flyback Converter Using FAN103 and FSEZ13X7 AN-8033JP A
Design Guideline for Quick Charger Using FAN6100M/FAN6100Q/FAN6100HM AN-8209JP A
Design Guidelines for Offline Forward Converters using FPS AN-4134 (313kB) 1 Mar, 2004
Design and Application of Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) PWM Controller AN-6067JP A
Design of Active Clamp Forward of DC-DC Converter using NCP1562 AND8273/D (644kB) 4 Apr, 2020
Design of an Isolated 2 W Bias Supply for Telecom Systems Using the NCP1030 AND8119/D (1581.0kB) 0
Designing a PSR Quasi-Resonant Adaptor Driven by the NCP1362 AND90024/D (339kB) 0 Mar, 2020
Efficient High Power Flash Light AND8135/D (191.0kB) 0
Enhanced V2™ Multiphase SMPS for Microprocessors AND8045/D (298.0kB) 0
Enhanced V2™ and Inductor Current Sense Accuracy AND8071/D (99.0kB) 0
FAN5069 Component Calculation and Simulation Tools AN-6010JP A
FAN6204 - Synchronous Rectification Controller for Flyback and Forward Freewheeling Rectification AN-6204JP A
FAN6300/A/H Highly Integrated Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller AN-6300JP A
FDMF6704 Power Loss Calculation AN-9050JP A
Green Current Mode PWM Controller FAN7601 AN-4129JP A
High Intensity LED Drivers Using NCP3065/NCV3065 AND8298/D (1204.0kB) 1
High Power PoE Applications AND8333/D (310.0kB) 2
高電圧反転バックレギュレータによる簡素化と基板面積の削減 AND9785JP/D (431kB) 3 Jul, 2019
高周波DC-DCコンバータをポータブル・デザインに利用する方法 AND8337JP/D (221kB) 1 Nov, 2014
How to Increase Output Current Capability Using Load Sharing Method AND8339/D (219.0kB) 1
携帯アプリケーションでの高出力電流DC-DCコンバータによる熱問題の防止方法 AND8338JP/D (225kB) 1 Dec, 2016
Improving Output Voltage Ripple of the NCP3063 Series of Switching Regulators by Applying a Simple Feedforward Technique AND8284/D (152.0kB) 1
LED Driving with NCP/V3063 AND8289/D (124.0kB) 1
LLC Resonant Converter Design using FAN7688 AN-6104JP A
LV5068V ECO Buck Controller IC Application Note ANDLV5068V/D (1085kB) 1 Dec, 2013
LV56351HA Application Note ANDLV56351HA/D (617kB) 0
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