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14-Stage Ripple Carry Bin CD4060BCJP/D (472kB) A
2-Input AND Gate NL17SHT08/D (98.0kB) 0 Aug, 2011
2-Input AND Gate with Open Drain Output   MC74VHC1G09/D (175kB) 21 Jun, 2021
2-Input NAND Gate, Open Drain Output NL17SZ38/D (257kB) 1 Sep, 2020
2-Input NAND Schmitt-Trigger   MC74VHC1G132/D (180kB) 24 Jun, 2021
2-Input NAND Schmitt-Trigger with Open Drain Output MC74VHC1G135/D (288kB) 18 Oct, 2020
2-Input NOR Gate NL17SZ02/D (275kB) 10 Sep, 2020
2-Input OR Gate / CMOS Logic Level Shifter NL17SHT32/D (98.0kB) 0 Aug, 2011
3-STATE Quad Buffers MM74HC126JP/D (389kB) A
3-to-8 Line Decoder MM74HC138JP/D (192kB) A
3.3V ABT 16-Bit Buffer/Line Driver with 25-Ohm Resistors in TRI- 74LVTH162244JP/D (213kB) A
3.3V ABT Octal Buffer/Line Driver with 3-STATE Outputs 74LVTH2244JP/D (399kB) A
3.3V ABT Quad Buffer with 3-STATE Outputs 74LVTH125JP/D (377kB) A
74AC240JP-D.pdf 74AC240JP/D (449kB) A
74AC540JP-D.pdf 74AC540JP/D (214kB) A
74ACT541JP-D.pdf 74ACT541JP/D (460kB) A
74ALVC00JP-D.pdf 74ALVC00JP/D (259kB) A
74ALVC08JP-D.pdf 74ALVC08JP/D (258kB) A
74AUP1G56JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G56JP/D (517kB) A
74AUP1G57JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G57JP/D (683kB) A
74AUP1G58JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G58JP/D (682kB) A
74AUP1G59JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G59JP/D (1312kB) A
74AUP1G95JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G95JP/D (691kB) A
74AUP1G96JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G96JP/D (519kB) A
74AUP1G97JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G97JP/D (688kB) A
74AUP1G98JP-D.pdf 74AUP1G98JP/D (684kB) A
74AUP1T97JP-D.pdf 74AUP1T97JP/D (639kB) A
74LCX06JP-D.pdf 74LCX06JP/D (417kB) A
74LCX07JP-D.pdf 74LCX07JP/D (929kB) A
74LCX126JP-D.pdf 74LCX126JP/D (953kB) A
74LCX162244JP-D.pdf 74LCX162244JP/D (334kB) A
74LCX244JP-D.pdf 74LCX244JP/D (896kB) A
74LCX760JP-D.pdf 74LCX760JP/D (235kB) A
74LCXH162244JP-D.pdf 74LCXH162244JP/D (233kB) A
74LCXH16244JP-D.pdf 74LCXH16244JP/D (247kB) A
74LCXZ16244JP-D.pdf 74LCXZ16244JP/D (319kB) A
74LVTH240JP-D.pdf 74LVTH240JP/D (436kB) A
74LVTH244JP-D.pdf 74LVTH244JP/D (434kB) A
74LVX541JP-D.pdf 74LVX541JP/D (203kB) A
74VCX00JP-D.pdf 74VCX00JP/D (933kB) A
74VCX08JP-D.pdf 74VCX08JP/D (937kB) A
74VCX162244JP-D.pdf 74VCX162244JP/D (245kB) A
74VCX86JP-D.pdf 74VCX86JP/D (834kB) A
74VHCT00AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT00AJP/D (378kB) A
74VHCT04AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT04AJP/D (379kB) A
74VHCT08AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT08AJP/D (378kB) A
74VHCT14AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT14AJP/D (377kB) A
74VHCT240AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT240AJP/D (345kB) A
74VHCT244AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT244AJP/D (344kB) A
74VHCT245AJP-D.pdf 74VHCT245AJP/D (351kB) A
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