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0.35W x 2ch, Class AB, Power Amplifier IC for Low Power Output and Portable ENA2040JP/D (810kB) 0 Sep, 2013
1.3 W Audio Amplifier with Fast Turn On Time NCP2892/D (158.0kB) 3 Sep, 2006
1.35 W Audio Power Amplifier with Selectable Fast Turn On Time NCP2991/D (3924.0kB) 2 Nov, 2009
15W x 2ch, Class-D, Power Amplifier IC for TVs and Home Audios LV49157VJP/D (1693kB) 0
16 Watt Digital Input Class-D Audio Amplifier with Speaker Sense Digital Output ONA10IV/D (593kB) 0 Apr, 2018
2-Channel Class-D Audio Power Amplifier BTL 15 W LV49152VJP/D (805kB) 0
バス・トラック26V対応カーステレオ用2チャネルパワーアンプ LA4450JP/D (544kB) 0
2.65 W Filterless Class-D Audio Amplifier with Integrated Dual SPST Switch NLMD5820/D (218.0kB) 0 Sep, 2007
2.65 W Filterless Class-D Audio Power Amplifier NCP2820/D (224kB) 8 Dec, 2013
4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier ENA1798JP/D (476kB) 2 Sep, 2013
4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier ENA1959JP/D (447kB) 2 Sep, 2013
4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier ENA1838JP/D (456kB) 2
4-Channel BTL Power Amplifier for Car Audio Systems ENA1691JP/D (543kB) 2
4.5W x 2ch, Class AB, Power Amplifier IC for Home Audios ENA2051JP/D (390kB) 0 Sep, 2013
48W x 4ch, Class AB, Power Amplifier IC for Car Audio Systems ENA2047JP/D (491kB) 0
カーラジオ/ステレオ用外付超極小5Wパワーアンプ EN3309JP/D (410kB) 0
Audio Management Integrated Circuit with 2.8 W Class D and LongPlay True Ground Headphone Amplifier NCP2704/D (779.0kB) 0 Nov, 2010
Audio Output for TV Application, 5.0 W x 2-Ch Class AB Power Amplifier LA42032/D (84.0kB) 0
Audio Power Amplifier, 1.0 W NCP2890/D (215.0kB) 10 Nov, 2006
Audio Power Amplifier, 1.3 W, with Fast Turn-On Time NCP2990/D (131.0kB) 1 Jan, 2007
Audio Power Amplifier, 1.3 W, with Selectable Fast Turn-On Time NCP2993/D (135.0kB) 1 Nov, 2011
Audio Power Amplifier, 1.8 Watt, with Selectable Shutdown NCP4894/D (170.0kB) 9 Jan, 2007
Audio Power Amplifier, 3.0 W, Filterless, Class D NCP2823/D (142.0kB) 2 Jan, 2011
Audio Power Amplifier, Stereo Headphone 135 mW NCP2809JP/D (304.1kB) 11 Apr, 2008
Compandor NE570/D (97.0kB) 4 May, 2006
Compandor SA571/D (104.0kB) 4 Mar, 2006
Digital Input Class-D Power Amplifier IC ENA1963JP/D (653kB) 0
FAB3103 - 2.3 Watt Class-D Audio Amplifier with Integrated Boost Regulator and Automatic Gain Control FAB3103JP/D (1061kB) A
Low Distortion Audio Power Amplifier with Differential Output and Shutdown Mode NCS2211/D (124kB) 3
Low Voltage 0.16 W x 2-Ch SE Class AB Power Amplifier for Portable Applications LV4992TT/D (495.0kB) 0
Low Voltage 1.4 W × 2-Ch BTL Class AB Power Amplifier LV49821VHJP/D (708kB) 1
Low Voltage Compandor SA575/D (126.0kB) 4 Apr, 2020
低電圧・低消費電流コンパンダIC LA8630MCJP/D (723kB) 0 Jan, 2016
Microphone Amplifier ENA2050JP/D (97kB) 0 Sep, 2013
Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Digital Output   FAN3852/D (682kB) 4 Jun, 2021
Monaural Class D Audio Power Amplifier, BTL 2.0 W LV4912GP/D (159.0kB) 0
モノラル パワーアンプ LA4815VHJP/D (468kB) 2 Feb, 2020
NOCAP LongPlay Headphone Amplifier NCP2817/D (96kB) 0 Nov, 2015
NOCAP, Pop-Free, 3 Vrms Audio Line Driver with Adjustable Gain NCS2632/D (208588kB) 4 Oct, 2013
NoCap Advanced Stereo Headphone Amplifier NCP2811/D (184.0kB) 3 Nov, 2010
NoCap LongPlay Headphone Amplifier NCP2815/D (227.0kB) 1 Jan, 2012
Non Clip and Power Limit Mono Class D amplifier with AGC NCP2824/D (204.0kB) 0 Sep, 2010
Power Amplifier IC for Low Power Output and Portable, 2W x 2ch, Class-D ENA0893JP/D (194kB) 0
デジタルパワーアンプ用パワーセル BTL 10W×2ch ENA1997JP/D (1236kB) 0
Programmable Analog Compandor SA572/D (218.0kB) 2 Mar, 2006
STK404-070N-E Data Sheet ENA2105/D (280.0kB) 1
STK433-040N-E Data Sheet ENA2101/D (368.0kB) 1
Stereo 20 W/Ch Class D Audio Power Amplifier with Programmable Power Limit and Selectable Gain NCS8353JP/D (463.2kB) 3 Mar, 2011
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