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Combination Power Factor Controller & Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controller NCP1937/D (1065kB) 6 Mar, 2020
Compact Power Factor Controller: Innovative Circuit for Cost Effective Solutions MC33260/D (372.0kB) 11 Nov, 2010
Controller, PFC, Continuous Conduction Mode, Fixed Frequency, Compact NCP1653/D (213kB) 10 May, 2015
Controller, PFC, High Efficiency, Single Stage NCP1652JP/D (529.1kB) 3 Apr, 2010
Cost Effective Power Factor Controller NCP1606/D (245.0kB) 8
Cost Effective Power Factor Controller NCP1607/D (175kB) 2 Jul, 2015
Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller FAN7930B/D (1440kB) 2 Sep, 2017
Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller FAN7529JP/D (1850kB) A
Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller FAN7930C/D (976kB) 3 Dec, 2017
トランスコンダクタンス・エラー・アンプを利用した臨界導通モードPFCコントローラ NCP1608JP/D (376kB) 5 Jul, 2015
Enhanced, High Efficiency Power Factor Controller NCP1611/D (807kB) 4 Jan, 2015
Enhanced, High-Efficiency Power Factor Controller NCP1622/D (230kB) 4 Nov, 2017
拡張型、高効率の力率補正コントローラ NCP1612JP/D (2195kB) 11 Jan, 2018
Enhanced, High-Efficiency Power Factor Controller NCP1602/D (360kB) 7 Dec, 2017
FAN4800CUJP-D.pdf FAN4800CUJP/D (1161kB) A
FAN4801SJP-D.pdf FAN4801SJP/D (645kB) A
FAN4802JP-D.pdf FAN4802JP/D (1059kB) A
FAN6920MR Integrated Critical-Mode PFC and Quasi-Resonant Current-Mode PWM Controller FAN6920MRJP/D (1201kB) A
FAN6921AMLJP-D.pdf FAN6921AMLJP/D (1685kB) A
FAN6921AMRJP-D.pdf FAN6921AMRJP/D (1652kB) A
FAN6921ML - Integrated Critical Mode PFC / Quasi-Resonant Current Mode PWM Controller FAN6921MLJP/D (1290kB) A
FAN6921MRJP-D.pdf FAN6921MRJP/D (1205kB) A
FAN6961JP-D.pdf FAN6961JP/D (666kB) A
FAN6982JP-D.pdf FAN6982JP/D (587kB) A
FAN7527BJP-D.pdf FAN7527BJP/D (1327kB) A
FAN7530JP-D.pdf FAN7530JP/D (503kB) A
FAN9611JP-D.pdf FAN9611JP/D (1700kB) A
FAN9612JP-D.pdf FAN9612JP/D (1705kB) A
High Performance Combo Controller for ATX Power Supplies NCP1910JP/D (532.9kB) 2 Jun, 2014
High Voltage Greenline Power Factor Controller MC33368/D (228.0kB) 11 Aug, 2011
High Voltage High Efficiency Power Factor Correction Controller NCP1615/D (1663kB) 8 Jun, 2016
High Voltage High Efficiency Power Factor Correction Controller NCP1616/D (1317kB) 1 Sep, 2018
High-Voltage, Multimode Power Factor Controller   NCP1618/D (1691kB) 3 Jun, 2021
Integrated Critical Mode PFC and Quasi-Resonant Current Mode PWM Controller   FAN6921BMR/D (713kB) 1 Jun, 2021
Interleaved, 2-Phase Power Factor Controller NCP1631/D (529kB) 8 Mar, 2019
NCP1927: Combination Power Factor Correction Controller and Flyback Controller for Flat Panel TV NCP1927/D (531.0kB) 0 Jun, 2011
PFC/PWM Combination Controller NCP1603/D (302.0kB) 9
Power Factor Controller MC34262/D (394.0kB) 14 Aug, 2013
Power Factor Controller NCP1650/D (224kB) 13 Mar, 2015
Power Factor Controller for Compact and Robust Multimode Pre-Converters NCP1655/D (727kB) 0 Nov, 2020
小型で堅牢な連続導通モード・プリコンバータ用力率コントローラ NCP1654JP/D (373kB) 6 Mar, 2021
Power Factor Controller, Enhanced, High Voltage and Efficient Standby Mode NCP1605/D (568kB) 12 Oct, 2014
Power Factor Controller, High-Efficiency, Enhanced for Lighting NCL2801/D (457kB) 3 Sep, 2019
Power Factor Controller, Interleaved, 2-Phase NCP1632/D (401kB) 7 Apr, 2020
Power Factor Corrected Buck LED Driver NCL30002/D (226.0kB) 0 Mar, 2012
Power Factor Correction Controller MC33232/D (257.0kB) 3
SG6961JP-D.pdf SG6961JP/D (953kB) A
STK760-213A-E Data Sheet ENA1790/D (100.0kB) 0
Single Stage Power Factor Controller NCP1651/D (295kB) 10 May, 2015
Single-Phase Rectification Active Converter ENA1793A/D (110.0kB) 0
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