データシート のため  Voltage Regulation (Linear, Switching) (すべてを表示)

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1.0 A Positive Voltage Regulators NCP7800/D (161.0kB) 1
3.0 A, Step-Down Switching Regulator LM2596/D (449.0kB) 0
Buck / Boost / Inverting Converter, Switching Regulator, 1.5 A, with On/Off Function NCP3064/D (1501kB) 8
Dual 5 A High Speed Low-Side MOSFET Drivers with Enable NCP81071/D (241kB) 4
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits 700 mA NCP167/D (338kB) 3
LDO Regulator - Ultra-Low Noise, High PSRR, RF and Analog Circuits, 250 mA   NCP163/D (1087kB) 12
LDO Regulator for RF and Analog Circuits - Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR, 450 mA   NCP161/D (931kB) 17
1.0 A低ドロップアウト固定型および可変型正電圧レギュレータ NCP1117JP/D (401kB) 30
PWM Buck Controller, Synchronous, 100 V NCP1034/D (466kB) 13
Synchronous PWM Controller NCP3030/D (325kB) 2
同期式PWMスイッチング・コンバータ NCP3170JP/D (735kB) 6
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