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ESD Protection Diode Array - Quad, Low Capacitance NUP412VP5/D (120kB) 3
低キャパシタンスのクワッドESD保護ダイオード・アレイ NUP45V6P5JP/D (166kB) 4
ESD Protection Diode Array,4-Line NUP4060AXV6/D (120kB) 2
ESD Protection Diode, Low Clamping Voltage NUP4202W1/D (151kB) 4
ESD Protection Diode, Micro-Packaged Diodes for ESD Protection ESD7381/D (208kB) 8
ESD Protection Diode, Ultra−Low Capacitance ESD7951S/D (137kB) 5
ESD Protection Diodes ESD7102/D (433kB) 1
ESD and Surge Protection Device NSP4201MR6/D (174kB) 1
MOSFET — Dual, N-Channel, Small Signal, Gate ESD Protection, 2x2 WDFN 30 V, 245 mA NVLJD4007NZ/D (138kB) 1
Zener Diode Voltage Regulator, 200 mW SOD-323 Surface Mount MM3Z2V4T1/D (56kB) 11
Zener Diodes, Dual, Common Anode MMBZ5V6ALT1/D (74kB) 20
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