シミュレーション・モデル のため  I/O Protection (すべてを表示)

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Document ID/Size
CM2020 HSPICE model of TMDS lines CM2020_TMDS_HSPICE (3.0kB) 0
CM2020 PSPICE model of TMDS lines CM2020_TMDS_PSPICE (3.0kB) 0
ESD7004MUTAG.SP3 ESD7004MUTAG.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
P Spice Model NUF8402MN.LIB (1.0kB) 0
P Spice Model NUF8410MN.LIB (1.0kB) 2
P Spice Model NUF6401MN.LIB (1.0kB) 0
P Spice Model NUF8401MN.LIB (1.0kB) 0
P spice Model ESD5Z12.LIB (0.0kB) 0
PSpice Model NUP4301MR6T1.LIB (1.0kB) 0
PSpice Model ESD5B50ST1G.LIB (1.0kB) null
PSpice Model NUP45V6P5T5G.LIB (1.0kB) 0
PSpice Model NUF4001MUT2G.LIB (1.0kB) 0
PSpice Model NUF6001MUT2G.LIB (0.0kB) 1
PSpice Model CM1231-02SO.lib (1kB) 0
PSpice Model NUF8001MUT2G.LIB (1.0kB) 0
PSpice Model NUF2221W1T1.LIB (1.0kB) 0
SPICE3 Model NUP4301MR6T1.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
SPICE3 Model NUF2221W1T1.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice 3 Model ESD5Z12.SP3 (0.0kB) 0
Spice 3 Model NUF8402MN.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice 3 Model NUF8410MN.SP3 (1.0kB) 2
Spice 3 Model NUF6401MN.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice 3 Model NUF8401MN.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model ESD5B50ST1G.SP3 (1.0kB) null
Spice3 Model NUP45V6P5T5G.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model NUF4001MUT2G.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
Spice3 Model NUF6001MUT2G.SP3 (0.0kB) 1
Spice3 Model NUF8001MUT2G.SP3 (1.0kB) 0
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