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Evaluation/Development Tools

WDK1.0GEVK  Wearable Reference Design and Development Kit

  • Wireless charging compatible with AirFuel™ Resonance technology
  • Scalable HW development for wearables with 26-pin expansion port enabling access to programmable power rails and GPIOs
  • Supports code for three different ARM based MCUs

AC-DCコントローラ & レギュレータ

NCP1340  NCP1341  High-Voltage, Quasi-Resonant Controller Featuring Valley Lock-Out Switching

  • QR frequency jittering reduces EMI signature
  • Maximize efficiency with valley switching and lockout
  • Quiet-Skip™ technology enables operation outside audible range


PYTHON480  CMOS Image Sensor, Global Shutter, 0.48 MP (SVGA)

  • Global Shutter technology with Correlated Double Sampling
  • SVGA resolution with 120 fps
  • Compact CSP package for space constrained designs


NSVF4009SG4  RF Transistor for Low Noise Amplifier Applications

  • Low-noise performance of 1.1 dB enables clear signal amplification
  • High cut-off frequency of 25 GHz for use in high frequency applications
  • High gain of 17 dB enables reception of small signals

DC-DCコントローラ, コンバータ, レギュレータ

NCP140  CMOS Voltage Regulator, Very Low Dropout, 150 mA, Capacitor Free

  • Available in two XDFN4 packages suited for space constrained applications
  • Very low dropout for low power dissipation, 170 mV Typical at 2.5 V @ 150 mA
  • Low output noise makes it suitable for noise sensitive applications

NCP163  LDO Regulator, Ultra-Low Noise and High PSRR, 250 mA, for RF and Analog Circuits

  • Ultra Low Output Noise, 6.5 µVrms, well suited for noise sensitive applications
  • Ultra High PSRR, 92 dB @ 1 kHz, for power sensitive devices like the Wi-Fi module
  • Ultra Low Quiescent current, 12 µA, for improved battery life

LC709501F  USB Type-C & Quick Charge™ 3.0対応, 1セルリチウムイオン & リチウムイオンポリマー2次電池向けパワーバンクコントローラ

  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 対応で、充電時間の短縮
  • バッテリレベル、RSOC、充電時間を表示する電池残量計測機能
  • 外付けMOSFETの選択により電流のスケーリングが容易


LC717A30UJ  Capacitance-Digital-Converter for Electrostatic Capacitive Touch Sensors

  • Differential capacitive detection system by mutual capacitance increases sensitivity performance
  • Eight capacitance-sensing input channels expands use to multiple applications
  • Automatic calibration and minimal external components reduce system development time


NCV7681  NCV7683  LED Driver, 100 mA, Octal, For Automotive

  • Multiple channel sequencing for selective current regulation
  • Open LED string diagnostic with open−drain output in all modes
  • Improved EMC performance eliminating the need for inductive bead on Vbat

クロック & データ分配

NB7VPQ702M  1.8 V USB 3.1 Dual Channel Re-driver

  • Supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 data rates of 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps
  • User selectable equalization, de-emphasis and output swing to compensate for inter symbol interference losses
  • Enable pin for deep power saving mode

NB7VPQ701M  USB 3.1 リドライバ、1.8 V、シングルチャンネル

  • 5 Gbps , 10 Gbps データレートの USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 3.1 Gen 2 をサポート
  • 選択可能なイコライゼーション、ディエンファシス、および出力振幅で、インターシンボルインターフェイス(ISI)による損失を補填
  • 超省電力モード向けのチップイネーブルピン


NSVJ3910SB3  25 V, 20 ~ 40 mA, Nチャネル JFET

  • 40 mS高順伝達アドミタンスで小信号を容易に受信
  • 高破壊電圧により堅牢は回路設計が可能
  • 低ノイズ性能でクリアな信号送信に貢献

NVATS5A106PLZ  NVATS5A112PLZ  NVATS5A113PLZ  NVATS5A304PLZ  車載用PチャネルパワーMOSFETs, -40 V ~ -60 V

  • 最小6.5 mΩの低オン抵抗
  • -120 A の高電流対応
  • 過電圧動作への対応として100%アバランシェテスト実施

モータ & ロードドライバ

NCV7518  FLEXMOSヘックス・ローサイドMOSFETプリドライバ

  • パリティおよびフレーム・エラー検出機能付き16ビットSPI
  • バッテリ電圧に対するレシオメトリック診断基準電圧および電流
  • 負荷に対してスケーラブル

LC898124EP1XC  Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) & Open-Auto Focus (AF) Controller & Driver

  • Integrated 32-bit DSP empowers flexible high performance OIS algorithm
  • Integrated EEPROM stores calibration data
  • Slim and small package supports small camera module designs

NCV7535  SPI controlled H-bridge and Dual-Half Bridge pre-driver

  • Compatible with low-ohmic standard level N-Channel MOSFETs for improved thermal management
  • N-Channel MOSFET specific pin for reverse battery protection
  • Active and passive freewheeling for improved thermal management


STK57FU394AG-E  STK5MFU3C1A-E  2-in-1 PFC and Inverter Intelligent Power Module (IPM), 600 V, 15 A or 30 A

  • Internal bootstrap circuit enables single control power supply for high side pre-driver
  • Over current protection for inverter and PFC terminals
  • Externally accessible embedded thermistor for substrate temperature measurement