ON Semiconductor Joins Virtually for Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL

著者:  ON Semiconductor  - 02-24-2021 

ON Semiconductor is a driving force for energy-efficient innovations and we are embracing the opportunity to help make Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL a success! We are very excited to participate the week of March 1-5 as we showcase online demo room and have various ON Semiconductor employees and industry experts share during live webinars including: 

Our unique visitor experience, showcases 21 product demonstrations, as well as highlighting several of our newest product introductions and showcasing a complete sensor-to-cloud solution.  The demonstrations available will cover a number of applications, including smart access control, hospital asset tracking and measuring power consumption in edge devices.

ON Semiconductor will also present more details about its new family of sensor platforms that integrate with the Bosch IoT Suite. The software platform for IoT solutions is already being used to connect over 15 million sensors, devices and machines to users and enterprise systems. Through an end-to-end, sensor-to-cloud platform using ON Semiconductor’s solutions and the Bosch ecosystem, ON Semiconductor will show how accessible the IoT can be.

Other highlights available at ON Semiconductor’s embedded world 2021 DIGITAL demo room include a chance to find out more about the new NCP51810 Gallium Nitride (GaN) Gate driver, which brings benefits of wide bandgap enhancement-mode GaN to create even smaller and higher efficiency power supplies for embedded systems. The NCP51810 can sustain 150 V, making it well suited to 48 V systems in applications such as point of load, industrial power modules and intermediate bus converters as used in data centers. This GaN gate driver features unique EMI noise rejection and advanced diagnostic monitoring, which make this device a best-in-class. The power supply topologies supported are many and include resonant, half-bridge, full-bridge, active clamp converters and non-isolated step-down/buck converters

The show will highlight the NCL31000 smart LED driver, with a demonstration of a visible light communication (VLC) application. VLC is an optical communication method using visible light as a carrier wave while avoiding disturbance to the human eye.  The technology is already being used to enable high accuracy indoor positioning, achieving accuracies measured in centimeters rather than meters. The NCL31000 intelligent LED driver allows true dimming to dark, can power the complete system and provides precise measurement of all system voltages and currents.

Be sure to check out our online demo room, or attend one of our live webinars. Register using the links below to reserve your seat!


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