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April 18-19, 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Power Electronics International

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Don't miss the opportunity to attend our presentation on "How to Sustain the EV-Traction SiC Revolution: Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Cost" with presenter Pietro Scalia.

The automotive market Electrification revolution happening today is hungry of both power and efficiency to enable extra miles at lower cost. The strongly reduced switching losses of SiC provide a dramatic enabler of the 800V Bus implementation, and increasing maturity of the wide bandwidth technology has been boosting adoption of SiC components by EV market disruptor and incumbent OEMs and Tier#1, in their inverters for power traction. Access to high-Quality SiC substrates and general supply chain security is key to secure long duration programs. Scaling manufacturing with larger-diameter single-crystal wafers, improving defectivity and yield choosing the best die size in line with modules to be implemented, are all possible approach to optimize cost of material while increasing performance, and still feed the huge growth of market demand for these power devices.