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March 6-7, 2024

Design Offices Munich Macherei, Germany

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The automotive industry is shifting from hardware to a software-centric approach, emphasizing the need for flexible, self-learning network technologies like Automotive Ethernet. This technology supports the transformation towards Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) and is expanding into new areas such as agriculture and mining vehicles. The tenth Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, will address these advancements and facilitate discussions on Ethernet's role in vehicle development and application.

onsemi is driving disruptive innovations to help build a better future. The company is expanding its current broad IVN offering with the addition of automotive ethernet 10BASE-T1S to support the transition to new E/E architecture. During the tenth Automotive Ethernet Congress, current and future technology and product developments will be the focus of the conference program, exhibition, and associated workshops. The Congress will offer you the opportunity to share and discuss new ideas around the implementation and use of Ethernet in the vehicle and in your own projects.

Come meet our experts to discuss and help you support your application and design challenges.