オンセミ、PCIM 2022でエネルギー効率の高いソリューションを紹介

PHOENIX – April 26, 2022 – onsemi


USB-C Power Bundle, 7th Generation 1200V IGBT & diode and First TOLL-packaged 650V SiC MOSFET devices ease the design of highly efficient power solutions

PHOENIX – April 26, 2022 – onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies, will be introducing a range of new power solutions at PCIM Europe in Nuremberg, Germany taking place May 10-12, 2022.

onsemi’s booth at PCIM will be packed with live demonstrations of its latest technologies, showing how they enable the development of market-leading solutions in the areas of e-mobility, energy storage, smart power and more. Included among the exciting demos will be a Student Formula car developed in conjunction with Technical University Munich, and an e-scooter. Also on show will be a real EV charger from Kempower that incorporates onsemi SiC diodes and a warehouse robot with ecoSpin.

“We are celebrating being back in person at PCIM with a number of product releases that address the latest challenges in energy infrastructure, communication and e-mobility,” said Felicity Carson, chief marketing officer at onsemi. “Working with partners and customers, we look forward to showing new practical applications of our technology.”

onsemi will launch a new power bundle for USB-C PD (power delivery) charging above 100 W, featuring the NCP1623, NCP1345 and NCP4307 – all part of the highly successful Critical Conduction Mode PFC, high frequency Quasi-Resonant (QR) and synchronous rectifier controller family. The USB-C offering will be further expanded by the announcement of new USB-C controllers.

As a leader in silicon carbide (SiC), onsemi will introduce multiple new SiC power switching devices, all of which offer enhanced performance over previous generations. First TOLL-packaged 650 V 33 mohm SiC MOSFET, NTBL045N065SC1 is launched with less footprint, less space and lower package inductance than D2PAK 7lead. First TOLL-packaged 650 V 33 mohm SiC MOSFET provides Kelvin source configuration to improve switching loss and gate noise and guarantees MSL1 (Moisture Sensitivity Level 1). SiC devices offer significant advantages over their silicon predecessors, including enhanced efficiency at high frequencies, lower EMI, higher temperature operation and greater reliability. onsemi is the only supplier of silicon carbide solutions with vertical integration capability including SiC boule growth, substrate, epitaxy, device fabrication, best-in-class integrated modules and discrete package solutions.

Lastly, onsemi will also present the 7th generation IGBT and diode for the first time. The latest 1200 V FS7 IGBT has decreased forward bias voltage by 20% compared to the previous generation, greatly improving the efficiency and power density in motor control application. We are also launching fast version FS7 IGBT for medium-high switching frequency applications in solar, UPS, and energy storage, in which the switching loss is 50% improved. The FS7 portfolio is further extended with 750 V and 1200 V VE-TracTM Direct automotive qualified solutions, boasting excellent ruggedness, soft switching and high efficiency to meet today’s EV Traction needs.

onsemi staff will present a number of exciting topics at PCIM, covering SiC technology within the poster sessions, power electronics at the industry forum, the e-mobility forum and the exhibitor forum.

To register as a visitor to PCIM Europe 2022, please visit https://pcim.mesago.com/events/en.html You can find onsemi at PCIM in hall 9 at booth 330.

Additional resources & documents:
Landing page: https://www.onsemi.com/company/events/tradeshows/pcim-europe-2022

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