onsemi Wins AI Product Innovation Award for AR0234CS Image Sensor

Aug. 23, 2021 – onsemi


Award recognizes the sensor’s high dynamic range and innovative pixel design delivering superior image clarity at 120 fps

Aug. 23, 2021 – onsemi(Nasdaq: ON) announced that its global shutter AR0234CS 2.3 MP CMOS image sensor has won a Most Innovative Value Product Award from the 2021 China AI Outstanding Innovation Awards program.

The Award program, organized by elecfans, a leading electronics industry portal in China with over one million registered members, honors products featuring outstanding technologies with innovative value and far-reaching influence in the market, as well as empowering the development of China’s artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The selection criteria for all nominated products include online voting and expert review.

The AR0234CS captures 1080p video and single frames operating up to 120 frames per second (fps). With its industry-leading shutter efficiency, the 2.3 MP sensor produces crisp and clear images by minimizing frame-to-frame distortion in high-speed scenes and reducing the motion artifacts other image sensors experience.

The sensor’s innovative pixel architecture delivers high dynamic range needed to support a variety of lighting conditions. The low noise and improved low-light response make it suitable for industrial applications including autonomous mobile robots and machine vision cameras, while the extended operating temperature range makes it deployable in challenging outdoor conditions.

The AR0234CS can be easily integrated with the AP1302 image signal processor for faster development and improved time to market. Additionally, designers can access the DevSuite software to evaluate the sensor’s features and capabilities, configure and tuning characteristics, and provide a ready-made output that is usable for further image processing.

Additional advanced features of the AR0234CS include programmable regions of interest with on-chip histogram, auto exposure control and 5 x 5 statistics engine, fully integrated strobe illumination control, a flexible row and column skip mode, along with horizontal and vertical mirroring, windowing and pixel binning.

The AR0234CS is offered in color and mono variants, with 0° or 28° CRA.

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  • オンセミ (onsemi) について

    オンセミ (Nasdaq: ON) は、より良い未来を築くために、破壊的なイノベーションを推進しています。当社は、自動車と産業用エンドマーケットに注力し、自動車の電動化と安全性、持続可能なエネル ギーグリッド、産業オートメーション、5G およびクラウドインフラなどのメガトレンドにおける変化を加速させています。オンセミは、高度に差別化された革新的な製品ポートフォリオにより、世界の最も複雑な課題を 解決するインテリジェントなパワーおよびセンシングのテクノロジを創出し、より安全でクリーンでスマートな世界を 実現する方法をリードしています。オンセミは Fortune 500® 企業として認められ、また S&P 500® インデックスに含まれています。オンセミの詳細については、www.onsemi.jpをご覧ください。


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