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December 7-9, 2021

Virtual expo

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Power electronics is playing an increasingly important role in various markets such as automotive, industrial, and consumer. It is an enabling technology for a wide range of new functions that enhance vehicle and smart grid performance, safety and functionality. Power devices will improve system performance in energy-saving applications, as well as in all high-voltage industrial applications. PowerUP Expo is a virtual conference and exhibition that aims to envision the future of Power Electronics.

Join onsemi for the following sessions:

December 7 at 5:15 pm-5:45 pm CET (11:15 am-11:45 am EDT)

  • Lecture/Tutorial Title: Extend Power Density and Lifetime of Latest IGBT Power Module in Motor Drive thru Transfer Molded Technology
  • Speaker: Jinchang Zhou, Product Line Manager, onsemi
  • Abstract: Power integrated modules have been widely used in motion control for their remarkable performance, easy modular installation, and high reliability. However, as the latest die technology continues to evolve toward higher efficiency along with smaller size, there has barely been any change in packaging form over the last decade. The challenges related to packaging concern dissipating the heat from already miniaturized power devices, protecting the sensitive structure from high temperature, high voltage, and humid environmental erosion, and controlling the voltage and current overshoot. This session will discuss the transfer molded technology (TMPIM) for the latest SiC and IGBT power module packaging with design aspects in motor control applications. This module utilized epoxy to protect the substrate from delamination and can extend the temperature life cycle by 10 folds. It also enables the usage of a thick copper substrate, by adopting which, a new transfer molded module demonstrates twice the power density of a conventional gel-filled module. Moreover, the packaging cost is also greatly reduced with fewer components and a simplified process.

December 8 at 6:20 pm CET (12:20 pm EDT)

  • Technical Presentation: “onsemi Industrial Silicon Carbide Solutions”
  • Speaker: CJ Waters, Technical Marketing Engineer, Power Solutions Group AMR, onsemi
  • Abstract: As Silicon Carbide technology continues to emerge in the power component market, onsemi is expanding and developing to offer an extensive portfolio of devices. Whether it be discrete SiC devices like MOSFETs and diodes or modules that offer full SiC and hybrid combinations, onsemi has all solutions to fit your power design needs. The following presentation will highlight the different applications where SiC is emerging and exceeding compared to former Silicon technology, as well as why onsemi Silicon Carbide is the best option.

December 9 at 5:20 pm CET (11:20 am EDT)

  • Keynote: Addressing electrification needs for 21st Century to achieve a net-zero future
  • Speaker: Asif Jakwani, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Advance Power Division, onsemi
  • Abstract: At the intersection of auto and industrial is electrification via renewable energy sources. There is no way past renewable energy on the way to net-zero. Along the way, it requires efficient energy flow across the entire electric chain, from generating the power, to transmission and distribution and zero emission consumption providing a sustaining future. One of the significant opportunities addressed by onsemi is zero-emission Electric Vehicles (EVs). To enable mass adoption of EVs, high efficiency is needed to expand driving distance, addressing one side of range anxiety. At the same time, fast charging networks based on high-power and high-efficiency are enablers to provide peace of mind to make EVs a reality in the coming decades. Finally, as we address zero emissions on the consumption end, it is essential that we adopt renewable energy sources for a sustainable future.