The QCS-AX2 is a family of highly integrated Wi-Fi 6 baseband chips that support up to 12 spatial streams in a single chip. The family supports unprecedented 9.75Gbps PHY rate and can be configured for either 8x8:8ss + 4x4:4ss dual band or 4x4:4ss + 4x4:4ss +4x4:4ss triband solutions. It provides a full offloading architecture and flexible interfaces to work with varieties of network processors, gateway SoCs to address a broad spectrum of applications in carrier, service provider, enterprise, industrial and retail markets. The QCS-AX2 family is fully compliant with 802.11ax/ac/n/a/g/b standards.

Chipset Solution


The QCS-AX2-A12 chipset supports adaptive 8x8:8ss + 4x4:4ss dual-band dual-concurrent and/or 4x4:4ss + 4x4:4ss +4x4:4ss tri-band triple-concurrent Wi-Fi 6 solutions. Comprising of QT62012 Baseband chip with QT7860 and QT6810 RF Transceivers.


The QCS-AX2-T12 chipset supports 4x4:4ss+4x4:4ss+4x4:4ss tri-band triple-concurrent Wi-Fi 6 solutions. Comprising of QT62312 Baseband chip with QT7860 and QT6810 RF Transceivers.


The QCS-AX2-T8 chipset supports 4x4:4ss +2x2:2ss +2x2:2ss tri-band triple-concurrent Wi-Fi 6 solutions. Comprising of QT62308 Baseband chip with QT7860 and QT6811 RF Transceivers.


Wi-Fi NOW TV: Interview with Telefonica

What's Telefonica's approach and strategy in introducing Wi-Fi 6 to the mass market? Find out here as Claus Hetting from Wi-Fi Now interviews Telefonica's Rubens Bastos. Sponsored by ON Semiconductor.

Product Resources


Adaptive MIMO in the Era of 6 GHz Wi-Fi

While there is little doubt that the introduction of 6 GHz is a great development, the mechanics of its adoption into everyday devices that we all have and love are a bit more complex. We can look at the adoption of Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology as a good model of what will most likely happen.

Press Release

ON Semiconductor Unveils New QCS-AX2 Series for Wi-Fi 6E Applications

ON Semiconductor announced sampling of its new QCS-AX2 chipset family that supports the 6 GHz spectrum band based on the enhanced Wi-Fi 6E standard. Designed with a high performance, flexible architecture to maximize usage of the 6 GHz band, the new product family is optimized for high-throughput Wi-Fi applications, such as access points, gateways, and mesh networking solutions for dense environments and underserved areas.

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